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Web Design

Web Design

I take care of the appearance of your site: the font, the colors, the formatting, everything that will give it its own and recognizable identity. It’s often what users see first, long before the text, and what will make them want to know more and continue their visit!
Développement back-end

Back-end development

The back-end corresponds to everything that we do not see, behind the scenes of the site: the configuration of the server, the implementation of modules, the technical aspects, etc. I take care of putting all this in tune! This is the submerged part of your site.
Développement front-end

Front-end development

The front-end is the visible part of your site, what the user uses. I take care of making this navigation fluid, instinctive and consistent with your needs and desires.
Maintenance et mise à jour

Maintenance and update

Once your site is finished, I take care of its maintenance! That is to say its good continuity: renewal of the domain name, addition of new functionalities, etc. I am here to follow with you the evolution of your site.
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How it works ?

Getting in touch.

Let’s get acquainted! At your convenience, we meet or we plan a call and you explain your project to me. I am here to guide you as best as possible, see what is possible and quickly give you a quote and a deadline.

Ideas and validation of the project.

Let’s move forward together! I offer you some ideas, some examples and we discuss together how to best shape your needs. Your opinion is valuable and I am here to guide you in this choice.

Creation and implementation of your site.

I go into action! Here begins the most technical part, I take care of the programming and development part of your site and the test phases. Once this step is completed, you discover your site.

Posting and follow-up

Your site is online! After your validation and any corrections, I take care of putting your site online. It is now accessible on both mobile and tablets. Then, I’m here to follow its maintenance, its evolution and your possible additions in the future.
About me

Self-taught, I have been creating websites and e-commerce for ten years.

The HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript languages have (almost) no more secrets for me!

Rigorous, constantly learning new techniques, perfectionist and a little picky, I take care of your site as if it were mine.